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Meet our wonderful, magical, talented, experienced, thoughtful, creative, loving and kind ECC teachers!

 Mrs. Farrell              Ms. Hulme              Mrs. Hulme           Mrs. McLoughlin

The reason I chose to be a teacher first and foremost, is my love of children. But also influencing my decision were the wonderful memories of my school due mostly to the kind and caring teachers I met along the way. My hope is that my students leave with positive memories as well. Memories they can look back on and know their teacher cared!

Mrs. Furey              Mrs. Carvalho          Mrs. Magoon            Mrs. Fedewa

I have been a part of the Saint Mary of the Hill School family since 2007. I have enjoyed being part of this school and have met so many wonderful families. This year I am excited to be expanding my role here not only as a teacher but as Director of the Early Childhood Center. Together with a team of talented, creative teachers, I am committed to providing your family with a solid foundation for learning.

Some of my favorite activities in life include, spending time with my family and friends, being at the beach and a hot cup of coffee.

Every day is a blessing. Smile more!