• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 1/10/2020

Early Learners were so excited to be back to school and did a great job getting back into their routine.  This week's theme was Wind and Water.  We started the week off by talking and asking questions about the weather. After reading The Wind Blew, by Pat Hutchins we made our own book by drawing pictures of what we thought the wind would blow.

Pre-School 1, 2 & 3 classes started our Wind and Water unit. The children participated in various activities that included something that had to do with either wind or water. They made straw paintings where they took a straw, paint and a piece of paper to create their own wind art. They blew into a straw to move the paint around on the paper. They also had cotton ball races by blowing through a straw to see which cotton ball could go the furthest. The last activity was a memory game that included objects that pertained to either the wind or water.

Winter was the theme in the preschool 4 classroom this week.  We were able to incorporate a lot of hands on learning while conducting fun science experiments.  The children explored color mixing and learned about cause and effect while experimenting with ice, salt and water colors.  They also learned about absorption as they watched powder expand after pouring water onto it, creating "Instant Snow".  The preschoolers had a great time making sparkly play dough but had even more fun playing with it.

Prek-1 had so much fun studying wind and water this week! They made their own sailboats and competed to see who could get their boat across the water table the fastest. They also made paintings using straws. What an exciting week it was!

Pre- K 2 started our unit on wind and water. The pre-K class had a blast using a straw to create wind and to create colorful pictures by blowing paint around. We also used straws to create went by having  sailboat races in the water table. The kids did a great job cheering on their friends. We also had fun using the hairdryer to create wind and talked about what we thought the wind could move. Each friend had a chance to pick an object in the classroom and tries to move it with the wind.