• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 1/15/21

Early Learners

This week the children have been busy continuing to explore weather using all 5 senses! Each child got their very own sensory bucket with new materials to explore each day such as beads, water, and shaving cream! The children used cups to make rain fall in the bucket, used their hands to create snow balls with the shaving cream, and used beads, bottles and spoons to simulate the sound of rain and thunder. They also worked on their Math skills these week! The children practiced sorting by color and matching animals by playing memory. This week we also learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. We read books to help us think about how to be accepting and caring just like him. One of the favorites we read this week was What if the Zebras lost their Stripes? by John Reitano. It really got us thinking about what we can do to spread kindness, love, and acceptance. We created hearts for each child to help facilitate that love comes in different colors. Each child chose a color to represent them and made fingerprints on each of their friend's heart paper! We are so proud of how the children are growing and continue to surprise us each day with their love and kindness!

Preschool 1

Wow, the kiddos in Preschool 1 were busy this week! The letter M is such a fun letter to explore and there are so many different things to do! Magnet fun, monster math, and reading one of my favorites, The Mitten, are just a few things we did. Our class also started the 3rd unit of our Owl school, Wind & Water. We did our first reading of Gilberto and the Wind by Marie Hall Ets and had a snack conversation about the weather, specifically thunderstorms. The kids had lots of stories to tell us about the storms they have seen! What a great job they did explaining their experiences with feeling words and big vocabulary such as flash, heavy (to describe rain), and strikes. The kiddos will be coming home with their “Dream Catchers” in honor of Martin Luther King Jr Day as well and hopefully will tell you about all the kindness talks we’ve had. Have a great long weekend!

Preschool 2

Preschool 2 had a marvelous week. Our letter of the week was M and which is a very special letter for Preschool 2. Children talked a lot about their mom, mommy, mother and etc. We came up with a MEGA list of words. Also M is for magnets, preschool took off on the magnetic hunt around the school, it was a magnificent experience! It was a perfect week to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. We read books, watched videos, created art and talked about how to respect/love one another.

We continued with the winter theme and read “Sneezy The Snowman” by Maureen Wright. Afterwards, we made a batch of “Puffy Snow Paint''. Preschoolers measured all the ingredients and took turns adding/mixing. Then we made melted snowmen with the paint. Everyone had a different reason on why theirs melted.

For science, we did the “Magic Milk” experiment. Preschoolers all took turns putting dish soap in the middle and watching the colors burst out. They were all amazed at how the colors moved so fast. Wishing everyone a great long weekend!

Preschool 3

Wind and water was the focus in the Preschool 3 classroom this week. Everyone had so much fun with this unit because it involved lots of hands on learning. The children made "super cool" lava lamps by combining colored water, oil and effervescent tablets. They excitedly watched the bubbles "dance", as Jenna put it, and discovered that oil and water do not mix. Our friends also conducted an Absorb or Repel experiment. Kaeyen told us that "absorb means it holds things inside" and Sebastian explained that "repel means water doesn't go inside, it floats on top". The preschoolers had to predict whether a material would absorb the water or repel it then used eye droppers to test their theories. They learned that while a sponge, paper towel and paper all absorb water, wax paper, plastic and feathers repel water. In honor of the upcoming holiday, the children learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and talked about their own dreams and ways to make the world a better place. Christopher's dream is that "everyone would just cheer up" while Mary Kate would like "everyone to stop fighting". These children have such great hearts and definitely make the world a better place. Enjoy the long weekend!

Pre-K 1

This was a busy week in Pre-K1! The students celebrated Martin Luther King Jr, learned about the letter “N,” reviewed their colors, and made many winter crafts. Before learning about Martin Luther King Jr. the class talked about biographies. They looked at many biographies on famous black people such as Rosa Parks that also made a significant impact in our world. After watching a biography on MLK the class talked about how they were feeling inside. One of the students said he felt frustrated that Martin couldn’t play with his friends because of his skin color. All the students agreed that we were so blessed to be a part of such a diverse classroom and that it wasn’t about the color of our skin, but more about the love in our hearts and our character. In our writing center this week the students wrote about how they could make a difference in the world just like MLK did. We were so proud of their responses! The children loved learning about MLK and enjoyed all the books they read on him and are very excited to read more to celebrate black history month in February. To celebrate “N” week the children covered black letter “N’s” with a moon and many star stickers to create the night time sky. Two other crafts they enjoyed making this week were straw paintings to go along with their color unit and name snowmen. For these crafts they practiced many of their fine motor skills. They practiced cutting, writing their names in lowercase letters, pasting, and blowing through a straw. Pre-K1 learned so much this week and can’t wait to share all their beautiful work with their parents!

Pre-K 2

The Pre-K 2 room has been very busy! We want to say a BIG thank you to Ms. Eileen and Mrs. Vasta for holding down the fort while Mrs. McLoughlin has been out!

During "M" week we read The Mitten by Jan Brett. After reading the story we got to design our own mittens. We also talked a lot about MLK Jr. and what he stood for. We read The Story of Ruby Bridges by Robert Coles and made beautiful art honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

The children had a blast experimenting with primary colors. The Pre-K children enjoyed listing to the story Dogs Colorful Day by Emma Dodd. After the story the children played a math/color game inspired by the book. Each one got to roll 2 dice, one with a color, one with a number, after each roll they had to put the matching number, and color dots on their dog.

Enjoy your nice long weekend!

Pre-K 3

This week the Pre-K 3 class has been learning about Martin Luther King Jr., the letter M, ten frames, and colors. They had a lot of fun exploring primary colors, and predicting and discovering what other colors could be made by mixing them. They did the walking water experiment to try to make their own rainbow; they experimented with watercolors, baking soda and soap to make primary colors “erupt” into secondary ones; and they experimented with the reaction that sea salt and watercolors had on ice. After being inspired by the artwork in the story The Lion and the Little Red Bird by Elisa Kleven, they used watercolor palettes to create their own beautiful paintings. In honor of MLK Jr., we read books about him, and books celebrating diversity. Our favorite was The Colors of Us by Karen Katz, which was the inspiration to the new decor on our classroom door. We also began honoring one child each week as “Star of the Week”. This enables the children to embrace the similarities as well as the differences in one another! Enjoy the long weekend!