• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 1/17/2020

  1. Early Learners - This week we continued to talk about Wind and Water.  During Morning Meeting we read Noah's Ark and talked about the flood and how Noah saved all the animals.  After talking about the story we played a memory game using some of the pictures in the book! In other news we were so sad to say good-bye to Miss. Lauren.  She is leaving us to back to nursing school.  We are going to miss her so much!! Good Luck Miss. Lauren!!!!

  2. Preschool 1, 2 and 3 have been super busy learning about wind and water this week and enjoying time in their classrooms. We have been making fun art projects like spray bottle art (using watered down watercolors that we could spray out of a spray bottle) as well as windsocks. We also have been experimenting with the wind that comes out of fans and what wind can blow and not blow. Fans are always a fun science tool in the classroom! Water table play has continued to be a big hit where the kids experiment with water wheels and pouring with different containers. Along with all the science excitement, the kids continue to build strong foundations with early learning skills and social skills too. There is so much exploration and fun going on these days!!

  3. Preschool 4 - Polar life was the theme in the preschool 4 classroom this week.  The children had a great time exploring art materials as they made marching penguins and adorable fluffy polar bears.  Ice fishing for letters was a great way to strengthen not only letter recognition skills, but beginning sound knowledge as well.  The preschoolers have also been focusing a lot of attention on handwriting skills.  They used the salt tray to practice writing the letter of the week, Mm and tracing cards to refine fine motor skills and proper three point pencil grasp.

  4. Pre-K 1 loved learning about Martin Luther King Jr! The students read a story about how he influenced the world and then after they wrote a poem about him in the writing center. In math they reviewed their numbers by completing a lady bug worksheet. They had to match up the lady bugs spots with the correct number. What a great week!

  5. Pre-K 2 explored water throughout the week. After talking about how some items can absorb or repel water we collected items around the classroom. The class used eye droppers to suck up the water and add it to an item. They enjoyed making predictions on they thought it would absorb the water or repel it.  We talked about how water turns into ice when it is cold then melts into water again when its warm.  We timed how long a ice cube takes to melt.  They loved checking on the ice every ten minutes.  We also explored ice by using a magnify glass and by touch.  We then added water colors to it and watched the colors seep into the ice.