• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 1/22/21

Early Learners

The Early Learners have been busy learning, exploring, and discovering all things snow this week! The children got to explore insta-snow in their own sensory buckets after we talked about our favorite things to do in the snow. The children described the snow as "cold (Mackenzie)", "fluffy...but real snow is wet. (Josie)", "feels like a snowy day (Mick)", "cold and wet (Djuna)", "nice and fluffy (Cormac)", and "fluffy and smells awesome (Carly)." This week we also focused a lot on their emerging Math skills. We worked on number recognition, 1-to-1 correspondence, and sizes. The children have been strengthening their fine motor muscles too by practicing writing their names, drawing and creating a snow class book, and using the tweezers to count snowballs. The children worked together to build our very own class snowperson after reading The Snowman Storybook by Raymond Briggs. First we discussed what a snowperson needs and the children all reminded us that it would need a mask! After completing it, we all voted and decided it was a girl and we named her Rainbow, to match the rainbow hair the children gave her. The class also got a chance to throw snowballs--at the cups but also at each other!

Preschool 1

Winter, wind, rain and the letter N have kept the Preschool 1 kiddos busy this week! We are starting to study hibernation and finished up painting our cave for our sleeping bears. They are very excited about having a cave in our class till spring! This year our Wind and Water unit looks a bit different with our new routines, but we still fit in some fun water play! There is so much science exploration in this unit and the children love to observe and chat about the science experiments that we do. “Rain in a jar” was a big success that the kids all were able to take part in creating. We also talked about what kind of temperature will melt ice faster and had a fun time observing ice that was inside our class and outside in the window. I bet you can guess which one melted faster! Fun art projects like turning the letter N into nighttime and making melted snow men rounded out our fun week. We love hearing and watching all the smart thoughts and ideas coming from our class, they are such creative thinkers!

Preschool 2

Preschool 2 had a busy week learning about wind & water from the third Owl unit. We read books and did many activities! Children learned about absorb or repel. We made predictions based on our own experience to see if paper towels/wax paper would absorb or repeal the water. Afterwards, they use watercolors to make beautiful art on paper towels! For N week, children practiced writing the letter N and we did a “Night sky” activity.

For the wind, we read “Gilberto and the Wind'' by Marie Hall Ets. Children learned that wind can have different speeds. We did our own experiment by using a fan to see how it moves things. We changed the fan speed to simulate stronger or calmer winds. Preschool made their own windsocks, we took them outside and had fun with the wind.

For science, preschool had a great time making goop. They were trying so hard to hold it in their hands before it melted. The whole classroom was filled with laughter. Preschool also spent Wednesday observing ice. We had one bag of ice outside and one inside taped to the window. Students made a hypothesis to see which bag would turn into liquid first. Our class was divided on which bag of ice would win. By the end of the day, children found out the bag outside still had ice, while the one inside was all melted.

Preschool 3

This week the preschoolers continued to explore wind and water. While focusing on wind, our friends were able to experiment with a fan. They gathered items from around the room and predicted whether or not the wind from the fan would make the objects move. The children discovered that while the wind easily moved feathers, cotton balls, balloons, and paper, it was not able to budge items like rocks, toy animals, and blocks. Mary Kate realized that "wind blows away light things but not heavy things". The preschoolers had such a great time with the wind piece of the unit so we decided to test for wind by making a big wind chime. We tied strings of beads, ribbon, feathers, pine cones, and sticks to a branch then put it outside to see how fast the wind was blowing. Since science is much fun, we conducted the Rain Cloud in a Jar experiment. First we put water in a jar then added shaving cream on top to represent a cloud. Next the children took turns dropping blue water onto the "cloud". The weight of the water forced itself through the cloud and "rained" into the jar. Kaeyen said, "Oh! When clouds get full of water it rains!" The children were very busy this week. They also learned about the letter N, practiced handwriting skills, and worked on counting and number recognition skills while navigating through the number maze. Such smart and hard working preschoolers we have!

Pre-K 1

Pre-K1 had a winter celebration this week! All their activities and work were geared towards things we do in the winter time. In math they practiced counting snowflakes. They are working on counting and writing their numbers 1-20. During this activity they used their fine motor skills to cut and paste their answers. They also are continuing to review addition. They played a fun farm addition game where they had to add up the farm animals to put into the barn. They are learning how to work independently in a team. Our writing assignment this week focused on one of our favorite Frozen characters, Olaf. In the movie, Olaf says, “Some people are worth melting for.” We talked about people in our lives who we would melt for and why. The children’s answers were so cute! The highlight of the week was our letter sound race. Mrs. Barrett yelled out letter sounds and the children raced Ms. King to find the letters that made those sounds. There was lots of exercise, many laughs, and Ms. King lost a lot! They have asked every day since if they can play again. We ended the week celebrating Ms. King’s 39th birthday. She was overwhelmed with the amount of love from Mrs. Barrett, the parents, and her students. She is so grateful everyday for such an amazing class. This is a birthday she will always remember!

Pre-K 2

This week the Pre-K children were busy talking about winter and snow. After reading Sneezing the Snow Man. We talked about different ways snow can melt. The class then created a snowman out of paper. After creating the snow man all the kids wrote down something they need to keep the snow away from so it won’t melt. Some of the answers were hot tub, fire, and hot chocolate.

The class always loves working on the Question of the month. I also love listening to all of their responses. They all are so different and creative. This month the question is "What is your favorite thing to do in Winter?"

Pre 2 is also excited about some new learning games and activities we created and talked about this week. Stay tuned for next week when we play them and take pictures!!!!

Pre-K 3

This week just flew by in the Pre-K 3 classroom! The children have been busy learning about syllables and memorizing new sight words. In math they are learning how to use tally marks. They also continue to practice using ten frames and are really beginning to understand the way they work. They worked on a couple of cute snowman writing activities and art projects as we continue to talk about winter. To go along with our color unit we read the book Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds. Following the story the children made a beautiful mural together. They began by making suggestions for a theme and then took a vote. After choosing a garden theme, they brainstormed about what kinds of things should be in their garden. They went to work painting with small brushes and tempura paints and created a beautiful mural for the classroom! Gabrielle was the "Star of the Week" and she did a fantastic job with her special assignments!