• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 10/09/2020

Early Learners

This week we started to talk about all things Fall. The Early Learners love playing in the leaves before and after snack.

We talked all about pumpkins and what we know about them. Some children even said the have visited the pumpkin patch already.

After our pumpkin brainstorm we created our own pumpkins. Some of them chose to make a 3D pumpkin by stuffing a brown paper bag with recycled paper, while others chose to paint a paper plate orange.

During outside time the children got to collect some nature items to bring inside the classroom. We then used those items to paint, sort and make patterns with.

Pre School 1

Preschool 1 had a busy week learning about the letter E, continuing our family unit and having fun outside in this beautiful fall weather. Our Elephant masks were a big hit with the kids, they especially loved the silly trunks! We worked on different ways to sort objects such as by color and category, and drew pictures of our families for our classroom. In between all of this fun, the kids are also enjoying themselves just playing with their friends and being silly. We are loving school! Have a great long weekend!

Pre School 2

Preschool 2 had an excellent week with the letter E! They learned the letter sound and many words that start with E. Students even created an exceptional elephant with a special effect on it! 

For science and math, we made our own playdough. First, we made predictions, then we measured all the ingredients and mixed them together. At the end, we had a great Playdough to enjoy! We used the playdough afterwards to make alphabet letters. 

The book of the week was Whistle For Willie by Ezra Jack Keats. We had lots of fun trying to whistle but we aren't quite there yet!

Students also worked hard this week to recognize and identify letters in their name. They practiced this by putting their name puzzle together, everyone almost got it! 

Pre School 3

Our friends in the Preschool 3 classroom had another fun week of hands on learning. They practiced letter recognition skills while going on a letter hunt. Once all of the letters were found, the children worked together to put them in alphabetical order. They called it "the letter train". During circle time, we read the book, Noisy Nora by Rosmary Wells. There is a part in the story where Nora spills her sister's jar of marbles. That prompted us to build a marble run out of paper towel rolls. We took our exploration and experimenting to the art area where the children were able to make colorful marble paintings.

Pre Kindergarten-1

In Pre-K1 we celebrated “D” week! Throughout the week we participated in many letter “D” activities. One of our favorite activities was decorating dinosaurs. The children used their fine motor skills to paste and arrange pieces onto their dinosaurs. We incorporated math by counting how many legs and spikes our dinosaurs had. We also made a list of things that started with “D” and then colored things that made the letter’s sound. We now know sounds of letters A-D as well as how to write them! We finished the week with marble leaf paintings. We dipped the marbles in different fall colors and rolled them over our leaves to make beautiful designs. It was a “Dynamite D Week!”

Pre Kindergarten 2

The Pre Kindergartens have been busy this week. We created some fun fall art activities by painting with Fall colors. We also started our Fall math journal which will help the children understand math concepts and make connections. The children are doing a great job counting, recognizing and writing their numbers.  

During small group time we played a game with rhyming words and pictures. The class did a wonderful job knowing their rhyming words.  

We also are moving our bodies everyday. They love playing freeze dance and showing off their dance moves.

Pre- Kindergarten 3

We had another amazing week in the Pre-K 3 classroom! To conclude our unit on family, the children were asked what kinds of things they enjoyed doing with their families. After sharing their answers as a group, they each drew a picture to go along with it. This week is also Fire Safety Week and they had fun singing and interacting with new songs, learning fire safety tips, practicing the stop, drop and roll technique and learning how to call 911 in an emergency. The letter of the week is Dd and together they come up with twenty-eight words that begin with that letter. They have also been working on rhyming skills. They had to decipher silly rhymes before feeding the monster while listening to the story The Hungry Thing by Jan Slepian. They love to paint and really enjoyed creating their own fall trees. They also made beautiful fall leaves to hang on the classroom door by rolling marbles through fall colored paints. Enjoy your long weekend everyone!