• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 10/2/2020

Early Learners

This week's theme in the Early Learners classroom was Apples.

The children got to use apples in many different activities.

First they each got their own apple to explore. We talked about what we thought was inside of their apple. Some of their responds were "toys", "crumbs" and "seeds".

Our "Sink or Float" experiment was great. The children thought it was so fun dropping their apple into the bucket of water. After making predictions on whether or not their apple would sink or float we charted the results.

They also used their apples to make beautiful art work.

We worked on our fine motor skills and color sorting by using tweezers and pom poms to go "apple picking".

We practiced letter recognition and made patterns using the lettered apple cut outs to build our own names.

Pre School 1

D week was delightful in Preschool 1! Our class received an email from Dottie the dinosaur letting us know that she left dinosaur eggs for us to find! The kiddos had a blast searching for them!! We also fit in a little sensory science time this week mixing primary colors to make secondary colors. We experimented with different materials like paint and glue in wax paper one day, then gel and food coloring in baggies another day. I think they are fans of science already! The class showed off their dance moves with some gonoodle during our first rainy-day indoor recess as well, and even ran races out front once it cleared up. I can’t believe we fit so much fun into one week!

Pre School 2

This was another great week for preschool two! We learned about primary colors. Our class did an experiment about what happens when you mix primary colors together. Students made a hypothesis then tested out what colors would be created. Students had lots of fun making new colors. 

For D week, students created dinosaur stick puppets. We then took those puppets on a dinosaur egg hunt. Students were excited to find a surprise in each egg. 

We read Noisy Nora by Rosemary Wells. Afterwards we made our own noise makers. 

Pre School 3

The Preschool 3 class had another awesome week! While learning about the letter D, the children strengthened letter recognition, beginning sounds knowledge and handwriting skills. They also used listening skills to follow step by step directions to make adorable yellow ducks.  

In addition, the preschoolers experimented with color mixing. They were so excited to discover that they could combine the primary colors to create new, secondary colors. I am extremely impressed with all of the fun and learning going on in our classroom.

Pre Kindergarten-1

Pre-K1 had a busy week. It was “C” week! They practiced writing the letter C, went on a scavenger hunt in the classroom looking for things that started with “C,”and made cows. They are learning how to write their first name so they practiced building their names with magnets. It was so cute watching the excitement on their little faces as they added the last letter to their name. We continue to celebrate fall by singing fun, fall songs and poems. One of our favorites is “Five Little Pumpkins.” We took our poem and made it into a math assignment practicing number recognition and ordinal numbers. It was another great week in Ms. King’s class!

Pre Kindergarten 2

Pre K 2 have been busy this week working on different activities while learning our letters and numbers.

We created words during group time by listening to the sound of a letter then writing that letter on the white board. 

Another activity the children enjoyed was when they got to pick a letter, say the sound of the letter, and write a word that that letter begins with .

We also used craft stick to create letters.

Everyday during meeting time we work on the daily math sentence. One friend will roll the dice, and add the numbers together. We also write down how many days we have been at school, and the dates on the calendar. 

Pre- Kindergarten 3

The Pre-K 3 class had another productive week of learning! The letter of the week is Cc and once again they came up with over thirty words together! They also put their fine motor skills to work to make adorable letter C cows. The “Sounds on the Farm” lotto game challenged their listening skills and they all requested to play again and again. They also have been working on rhyming words, and continuing and creating patterns. They had a lot of fun using craft sticks to make letters of the alphabet and then they were allowed to make their own creations. We started the Lively Letter Sounds phonics program this week and the kids love the songs for “p” and “b” and are looking forward to next week’s sounds! Have a great weekend!