• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 10/23/2020

Early Learners

This week we finished up exploring all things Fall and started to talk about Halloween. Some of the Early Learners made beautiful collages using the nature items we collected last week along with some fall colored flowers. Others chose to use the pumpkin seeds we dyed different colors to create a mosaic on canvas. To help us decide how to decorate our classroom pumpkin next week, the children each got a chance to vote for their favorite. We narrowed it down to a spider, cat, or a unicorn, but the spider pumpkin won with a total of 3 votes! The children have also been working on strengthening their fine motor muscles and practicing using their pencil grip. One way we are helping them do this is by encouraging them to open their own snack and lunches! The children are so proud when they do things by themselves. While making an individual Math Leaf Book, they traced their names then worked on counting and coloring the appropriate leaves on each page. After reading Big Pumpkin, we worked together to draw our very own Jack-O-Lantern where each friend had a chance to add one feature onto the pumpkin--we named it Orange Me-Me.

Pre School 1

Preschool 1 spent this week exploring nature and the letter “G”. Our kiddos used their art skills to make nature collages after searching for leaves, twigs, and other small items. We set up personal art spots right on the blacktop, which they loved, and they created their masterpieces outsides. On our rainy day, I set up an indoor obstacle course for our little athletes, and I was told by one child “we need to do this everyday!” We had so much fun watching them cheer on their friends and use kind words to show each other how to do moves like jumping jacks and the bear crawl. Since it’s been so beautiful out we also fit in a leaf hunt after listening to the story “We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt” and used our science skills to observe and sort the leaves we found. They thought it was fun to find ones that were the same shapes but different colors! Fall is a great time to watch kids learn, explore and wonder!

Pre School 2

Preschool 2 had a great G week! Students made some ghastly ghosts that are now “haunting” our classroom. We are starting to get into the Halloween spirit. 

We took advantage of St. Mary’s great outdoors space to explore all the autumn changes. Preschool had a fantastic time going on a fall nature hunt. They collected lots of items: sticks, leaves, acorns, and pinecones. After they got to use the items to create beautiful nature masterpieces outside.

Our science and math activities this week were all about pumpkins. They made predictions about what & how many things were inside. While our numbers were way off, we were so glad there wasn’t any “snake or wobble ants” inside! Some of the children enjoyed scooping / investigate out seeds and others, not so much :) 

Pre School 3

Preschool 3 had such a fun week of learning all about the fall and pumpkins. They started out the week by getting their hands dirty while beginning to work on a paper mache jack-o'-lantern. They measured and mixed flour and water to make paste, then got busy gluing strips of newspaper onto a balloon. The messy, yet fun experience created a great discussion about the texture and smell of the paste. Some friends thought the paste was "cool" and smelled "yummy like pizza dough" while others thought it was "cold", "gross" and "too sticky".  The children got to go on a nature hunt to collect items for their Fall Collage as well. They found leaves, sticks, pinecones, and acorns then glued them onto paper in our outdoor classroom. 

In between working very hard on core skills like language, math, writing, and social skills, the preschoolers made an adorable scarecrow.  They stuffed his head with leaves and his body with newspaper. When it was all put together, Sebastian said, "I think we should call him Mr. Bob." and all of his friends agreed.

Pre Kindergarten-1

Pre-K1 continues to identify letters and numbers. This week the class focused on the letter “F” and the number 4. They participated in many activities, but their favorite activity was making firemen for “F” week. While making firemen many children shouted out, “I want to be a fireman when I grow up!” We discussed fire safety and the importance of keeping our bodies safe. To continue celebrating the season of fall we went outside on a nature walk to collect different types of leaves. We brought our leaves inside and explored their shape, size, and texture. We even measured the length of our leaves using Rubix Cubes. The students had so much fun pretending they were scientists. To end the week we read “The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin.” Spookley, the only square pumpkin in the patch, delivered a special message of tolerance and self-acceptance. After reading the story the children decorated their own unique pumpkin picking out the shape of their pumpkin and coming up with a design to make their pumpkin special. Our pumpkin patch came out beautiful! It was another great week in Pre-K1. We can’t wait to celebrate Halloween next week.

Pre Kindergarten 2

Pre-K2 have been busy this week celebrating Halloween and the letter E. They did a great job coming up with E words. This week they came up with 12 excellent E words  

We also talked about estimations for E week. They all had a chance to look at the jar full of fall objects, then they wrote down their name and how many they thought were in the jar.  After each child guessed we counted the object together as a group. 

During this activity we learned about estimating, letters and number recognition.

Pre- Kindergarten 3

The Pre-K 3 class has been having a super fun week! To go along with our friendship theme we read “Matthew and Tilly” by Beth Peck. Book extension activities included drawing with chalk, playing hopscotch, and setting up a store in the dramatic play area. They nominated a few names for the store and then took a vote. Nancy’s Food Shop won by a landslide! Then some of the children volunteered to make signs and price lists to hang up around the store. As you might imagine this is the popular area of choice now. They had a great time with their skeleton math activity. They used scissors, cotton swabs and glue to assemble the skeletons. Next they counted how many cotton swabs were used and wrote the number on their papers. They also worked very hard on the letters that they wrote for a special person of their choice. This was a great literacy activity and I hope you enjoyed reading them. Enjoy your weekend everyone!