• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 11/13/2020

Early Learners

We are all so excited to be back in school and everyone has been adjusting nicely and getting back into our school routines! The children were happy to see their friends and teachers, and to share what they did at home on their time away! Last week we asked some of the children about their families and grandparents. We continued to focus on this as we prepared for our Veterans Day and Grandparents Celebration Parade. The children got messy this week as we created our banner that read "WE LOVE YOU!" using only our handprints. They were so excited to wave and cheer on all our veterans and families that came out for our drive thru parade! They also made special handprint gifts for their grandparents and created homemade cards. We asked the children what they like to do with each of their grandparents, then they drew pictures in their cards. The children also worked on signing their names.

Pre School 1

Preschool 1 had a very busy short week! The children got right back into the swing of school by getting ready for our Grandparent’s/Veteran’s  Day celebration. We talked about grandparents and the kids loved hearing the different names that their friends use for their special family members. It was also surprising to them to hear some of the same names and make that friends to family connection! During our morning meetings, we talked about Veterans and how we honor and show respect to them when we say our pledge of allegiance. This week we are also backtracking and doing a quick review of the letter "H" from Halloween week, and will review the letter "I" next week too. To top off our rainy Thursday we had a fun dance party with some of our favorite Laurie Berkner Band song videos. We could listen to The Goldfish Song and Waiting for the Elevator everyday!

Pre School 2

We are so happy to be back in our classroom! Preschoolers had a LOT to share with each other. This week we reviewed the letter H. We went over the letter sound, H words, and made an H craft! 

Our class talked about our grandparents and how special they are to us. The children learned about Veterans and how we honor them. The preschoolers were so excited to make flags and gifts for their grandparents. We had an amazing time celebrating the drive through for grandparents and Veterans. The look on their face seeing their grandparents drive by was priceless!

Pre School 3

Welcome back! We are very excited to be in the classroom again. The preschoolers quickly jumped back into the routine and got right to work preparing for our Veteran's Day/Grandparent's Day celebration. The children made American flags and adorable red, white and blue headbands to show support for our veterans. They also made special gifts for their grandparents to let them know how loved they are. 

Our friends in the Preschool 3 class are eager learners and really enjoyed our "rubber egg" experiment.  Over the course of two weeks, they observed an egg floating in vinegar.  They watched as the eggshell absorbed the acid from the vinegar which caused the eggshell to dissolve and leave behind a soft, rubbery egg. After some debate about whether the egg would bounce or break when dropped, we decided to put it to the test. Although the egg was bouncy, it did end up breaking when dropped.

Pre Kindergarten-1

What a heartfelt week it was in Pre-K1. The highlight of the week was the Veteran’s Day Parade! It was amazing to see the excitement on their little faces as they cheered on the cars driving by. They had so much fun making posters for the Veterans and waving the American flag. They made a special gift for their grandparents. A picture of them and their grandparents participating in their favorite activity together. They also spent the week celebrating the letter “H,” talking about gratitude for the month of November and practicing subtraction. The teachers were very impressed with their responses to what they were grateful for. They will continue to practice gratitude throughout the month of November. This was a week that will create a lasting memory for the children.

Pre Kindergarten 2

Happy November everyone!!!

The class had a great first week back. 

During the week we talked about the letter Hh and the number 4. 

Throughout the week we talked about Heroes and how they come in all different forms. Some heroes can be people and some can be animals. The kids than talked about who is a hero and why.  

After reading a story The Silly Scarecrow the children created their own scarecrow by using craft sticks and paint.  

While learning about the number 4 we played a game by going around the room looking for and collected things that have 4 sides. 

Pre- Kindergarten 3

The children in Pre-K 3 are so happy to be back at school! We began the week celebrating two birthdays. Aza and Méabh both turned five this month! Happy birthday girls!! All of the children worked very hard on there special drawings for their grandparents. They also worked together to make a poster thanking veterans for their service. Each child made their own little American flag to show their appreciation to the veterans and grandparents during the parade. The letter of the week is “Hh” and so far they have come up with 26 words beginning with that letter. They are all doing a great job identifying letter sounds, writing numbers and letters, and solving simple addition problems. They are very excited about the cute scarecrows that they are making out of craft sticks and should be done with by the end of the week.