• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 11/20/2020

Early Learners

This week we have been talking all about what it means to be grateful and thinking about things in our lives that we are thankful for. To help us, we read Look and Be Grateful by Tomie dePaola then the children told us what they were thankful for. We used their words and handprints to create our class thankful wreath so be sure to check it out on the door! We've also been talking about Thanksgiving and reading books to help us learn what it is and how we celebrate it. The children have shared their favorite foods to eat, worked on created handprint turkey placemats, and explored painting with legos to create corn on the cob art. We also built our own turkey during circle time by playing Pin the Feather on the Turkey. They decided to name the turkey "Frosting"! Next week we will be finishing up all our Thanksgiving activities. We hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving Break and enjoy your family time!

Pre School 1

Preschool 1 kiddos have had a great week getting ready for Thanksgiving, learning about the letter I and talking about friends. We have been strengthening our fine motor skills with lots of scissor practice, designing our own stationery, and some fun follow the path worksheets. The kids had a blast making their I is for Ice cream pictures because they were able to cut everything out all by themselves! Surprisingly, a few friends even got too tired of cutting that they needed a little help. On one of our chilly, but beautiful fall days, we had races and the kids took turns cheering each other on. We read a fun book about friendship called The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza and talked about the choices that the friends were making in the story. Then as our art connection to the book, we made awesome pizzas with all sorts of toppings. The kids loved spreading the “sauce” with their spoons and talking about what toppings they or their families like on their pizza. This week we have also been talking about things that we are thankful for and about kindness and respect. One of the highlights from having these chats is when a student told me that she was showing respect by sitting nicely and listening when I had to talk to the class. We love hearing and seeing the connections that the children are making on a day to day basis!

Pre School 2

Preschool 2 had an impeccable week! We finished reviewing the letter I. The children had lots of fun using the color ice to make interesting art! We started a new unit on “Friends”. Students learned what being a friend means and how to be a good friend to one another.

The book of the week was The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza)by Philemon Sturges. After listening to the story, we were inspired to make our own! Students added lots of different toppings and in the end they all looked good enough to eat!

With Thanksgiving being just around the corner, preschool learned about the meaning of holiday. We talked about all the things we should be thankful for. Students are hard at work making thanksgiving crafts for their families. Can’t wait for you to see them!

Pre School 3

The preschoolers had a fun filled week learning about Thanksgiving. After reading the book, Bear Says Thanks, by Karma Wilson, the children proudly shared stories of their good deeds and expressed things they were thankful for. Some friends were thankful for family and pets while others were thankful for new toys and iPads. The preschoolers have also been very busy working on their holiday projects. They made Thanksgiving placemats, cute napkin holders and adorable "thankful turkeys". To go along with the letter of the week, Ii, the children worked together to make vanilla ice cream in a bag. After measuring and mixing milk, sugar and vanilla extract in a sandwich bag, the children placed that bag into a larger bag filled with ice and salt then took turns shaking it. Once the mixture hardened, the preschoolers had a little ice cream party. They all agreed that the ice cream so "so yummy".

Pre Kindergarten-1

This week Pre-K1 started talking about Thanksgiving. We read several Thanksgiving books and sang many songs. We also talked about things we were thankful for. Each student started a daily “Thankful Journal.” Every day the children drew a picture of what they were thankful for and wrote a word to go along with it. The children realized just how blessed they were after hearing about how the Pilgrims and Native Americans lived long ago. To practice fine motor skills the children went through grocery flyers and cut out their favorite foods. They glued their favorite foods onto paper plates. They had a lot of fun talking to their classmates about foods they liked and disliked. In math this week they learned about money. The children used their imaginations and went shopping and played with the classroom cash register. We are getting very excited for Thanksgiving and to spend time with our families. It was a great week!

Pre Kindergarten 2

This week the Pre-Kindergarteners started celebrating Thanksgiving. We played fun learning games with Turkeys and worked on a writing assignment, "If I were a Turkey..." their answers were great!!!! We also worked on our spelling skills by playing a fun game. The children had to build three letter words that end in OG and AM. I would tell them a word and they would have to find the first letter sound and add it to the ending.

Pre- Kindergarten 3

The Pre-K3 class has been having a fun week while incorporating Thanksgiving into many of our learning activities. The children put their fine motor skills and language skills to work while making their own emergent reader books. They not only colored, cut and glued but also had to interpret positional words to place the turkeys correctly onto each page. They then referred to the pictures and familiar sight words to read the book by themselves! They also made beautiful watercolor turkeys while experimenting with absorption and color mixing. This week has been a review week to hone up on writing and math skills. They have been practicing correct formation and sizing of the letters and numbers that they have learned thus far. They also practiced one to one correspondence and recognition of numbers 5-15 while playing a turkey math game. Next week is a short week, and we plan to celebrate Thanksgiving with a special morning snack on Tuesday. Have a great weekend!