• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 12/11/2020

Early Learners

Our classroom is buzzing with all things Christmas! The children have been hard at work making special Christmas presents for their family members, practicing our songs for the Christmas concert, and working on spreading kindness and earning pom-poms for our heart jar. The children also wrote their letters to Santa and drew pictures of the things that they are asking for. Once they had it sealed in an envelope, we walked to the mailbox and mailed them for the elves to pick up! Later in the day we went to check the mailbox and the letters were gone but had left a messy but fun surprise of glitter and north pole dust to let the children know that they had been there. We are also working on learning patterns and created Christmas patterns using bells, bows, and angels. The children have also had lots of chances to explore art using cookie cutter shapes in paint and painting with pine branches, sticks, and evergreen branches!

Pre School 1

The Preschool 1 Kiddos had a very fun filled week! Our letter of the week is the letter K, so all of our “K” work kept us busy. During literacy we worked on booklets with “K” words, for math we worked on matching objects to numbers on our kites and for art we stamped keys into paint and decorated the letter K with them. The kids came up with a bunch of K words for our letter poster, and they really tested Ms. B’s art skills with koalas and kangaroos! Our classroom is continuing to look very festive with all of the beautiful projects that the kids are working on. They made “stained glass” for our nativity scene that is hanging in our window, we have beautiful stockings decorating our fireplace and we are now making a group Christmas tree. Last Friday we even mailed letters to Santa! These kids can’t be any busier!

Pre School 2

It was a very busy week in Preschool two, our classroom has turned into Santa’s workshop! Preschool has created a lot of different crafts while listening & singing to Christmas carols. Since it’s been too cold for recess, we have been doing Christmas yoga. Preschoolers love it, here's the link https://youtu.be/T_Jr-DUlM58 .

For K week, children created their own kites! We took them outside and gave them a try. They were very eager to see if it would fly. Preschoolers practiced writing the letter K and we made mini booklets with K words/pictures.

What a better way to end our friend unit then making friendship necklaces. Everyone picked a name from the table. Whoever name they picked, they made a friendship necklace for them. The activity required a lot of fine motor skills, hand & eye coordination, and creativity. Preschoolers were thrilled to give the necklaces to their friends. They did a great job sharing!

Pre School 3

Christmas is right around the corner and the children are buzzing with excitement. In between working on letter recognition skills, beginning sound knowledge and solving addition problems, the children have been busy preparing for the holiday. With all of the crafts the preschoolers have been making, their fine motor skills really got a workout this week. They made adorable Christmas tree ornaments, sparkly stockings, festive wreaths, cute little mugs of hot chocolate and special gifts for Mom and Dad, but we'll keep those a secret for now. Teamwork is something that we pride ourselves on in the Preschool 3 classroom and today our friends demonstrated great teamwork while building a snowman. All of the pieces needed to build a snowman were laid out for the children to see. They brainstormed and discussed what each piece was and where it should go, and in the end, they created "the cutest, most magical snowman ever!" Hannah thought our snowman needed a name and when Jenna suggested "Snowy", all of her friends agreed it was a great name!

Pre Kindergarten-1

Excitement filled the air in Pre-K1 this week as the children eagerly wait for the arrival of Santa Claus. As we prepare for the coming of Jesus the class talked about Advent using an Advent Wreath. They discussed what each candle on the wreath symbolized and then colored their own Advent wreath to share with their families. They also wrote letters to Santa reminding him that they have been good boys and girls and letting him know a few things they would like for Christmas this year. After finishing their letters they went down to the North Pole mailbox and put their letters in. Later when they realized the letters were gone and the elves had taken them and flown back to the North Pole the joy that filled their little hearts was overwhelming! To celebrate the letter of the week “J” they painted paper plates and tied colorful pipe cleaner to the bottom to make jelly fish. It was a busy, but fun week filled with many holiday related learning activities!

Pre Kindergarten 2

The Pre-K children have had a great week. They have been practicing for their Christmas Nativity Pageant. They are all so excited for it. We can’t wait to see it all put together.

We also been working on fun learning Christmas activities.

We played a Math game by picking numbered cards out of a stocking. They then had to work together to put the cards in order from 1-20.

Each child brought home a white Christmas tree. They worked together with their family to decorate their tree any way they wanted to. I love how they are all so different and the creativity is amazing. Great job!!!!!

Pre- Kindergarten 3

The pre-kindergarten 3 class is getting more excited about Christmas everyday! We have been counting down the days by placing a cotton-ball on Santa’s beard each morning. The children have been very busy practicing their songs for the nativity pageant and are getting better every day. They have also been working on a very special class project; our tree of kindness. They painted it with their handprints and decorated it with garland. Now whenever I witness a random act of kindness, I add one Christmas light to the tree with a brief explanation. We hope that it will be filled with lights by Christmas! This week we have been reading different versions of the classic story “The Gingerbread Man,” and the children love reciting the words along with me. They have been having fun while playing Christmas and Gingerbread themed games that reinforce math and language skills. They continue to put lively letter sounds together to build words, and some of them are already sounding out words on there own! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!