• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 12/04/2020

Early Learners

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the EL classroom! The children have been hard at work decorating our classroom and getting into the holiday spirit. While creating and decorating their own Christmas trees, they have been strengthening those fine motor muscles. We took each of their individual paper trees and built one big class tree. They also made 3D trees using popsicle sticks and gems, and stockings to hang on our door. Every day during circle time, one friend gets to add a cotton ball to Santa's beard to help us count down to vacation! We have been working on 1-to-1 correspondence and recognizing our numbers. We also got a special delivery from Santa's elves--our very own class Grinch! We read How the Grinch Stole Christmas and brainstormed ways to help our Grinch doll's heart grow. The children will be working all month long being kind, thoughtful, and responsible. Each time we witness something, they will add a red pom-pom to the heart jar. Once it's all full that means the Grinch's heart is all grown, and the children have earned a special Christmas celebration!

Pre School 1

What a Joyful week we had in Preschool 1! The letter J kept us busy making jellyfish, practicing jumping jacks and jumping jills and also talking about Jesus. The children used their fine motor skills to cut out the tentacles, and there were a bunch of them too. We tried out our new dry erase pockets with a worksheet focusing on the sound of the letter J. The kiddos loved using them since they could erase any mistakes quickly or practice multiple times. One of the kids said to me that we should do all of our worksheets in them because they’re fun! Our math skills were put to use when we played “How Many Dinosaurs?” to work on story problems. This is a fun game that works on following directions, counting 1:1 correspondence and pre-math skills. With Christmas coming, we are starting to get into the holiday spirit by writing our letters to Santa and started make festive decorations for the classroom. It’ll be a busy next few weeks!

Pre School 2

We are so glad to be back after the break! Preschool had so much to share about their Thanksgiving holiday! This week we learned about the letter J. Our favorite word was Jesus! Preschool read “Jesus Loves Me” by Debby Anderson and learned a very special song about Jesus. I am sure they will be glad to sing it to you! Students made a “Jiggly Jellyfish”. This activity helped them practice their cutting skills, and hand and eye coordination. We are still in the Friend Unit. Preschool made a friendship wreath. Everyone shared their handprint with each other. Preschool also worked together to build a Christmas tree. They each decorated a triangle piece of green paper. At the end, we used them to make our class Christmas tree. They made a watercolor ornament and took turns putting on the tree. Awesome teamwork!

We are getting into the Christmas spirit in Preschool 2!

Pre School 3

Happy December! Our friends in the Preschool 3 classroom are really getting into the holiday spirit. They spent the week decorating the classroom and making fun Christmas projects. The children demonstrated great teamwork while working together to make a handprint Christmas tree. They even made beautiful ornaments to hang on the tree and when the last bulb was added, Jenna proudly exclaimed, “this is the most beautiful Christmas tree ever!”. The preschoolers have also been talking about what they want for Christmas so they wrote letters to Santa and put them in a magical mailbox that goes directly to the North Pole. We focused a lot on math skills this week. The children worked on seriation skills while putting snowmen in order by size and strengthened number recognition and counting skills as they put ornaments on a tree. The preschoolers are loving all of the festive music, games and activities going on in the classroom and I love seeing the excitement on their happy, smiling faces.

Pre Kindergarten-1

Pre-K1 had such a fun week! This week they learned about animals that live in the Arctic. We learned many facts about a polar bear, penguin, reindeer, and an Arctic fox. We talked about their small features, what they eat, and how they survive in such cold temperatures. The teachers were very impressed with the vocabulary the children were using to talk about these animals. One of the children during a discussion raised his hand and said a polar bear is a carnivore. We also celebrated the letter “I”. We practiced writing the letter

"I”, we colored pictures that start with “I,” and we made an “I” igloo out of cotton balls. The children used their fine motor skills to pull the cotton balls apart and glue them onto their papers. We ended the week singing Christmas songs and participating in some Christmas yoga. We are getting very excited for Santa to come!

Pre Kindergarten 2

Pre-K 2 focused on letters and words this week. We practiced writing our sight words by listening for the letter sounds to create the words. We also played a letter game. Each child picked either an upper or lower case letter, then they had to find a friend who has the matching letter.

The class had a lot of fun creating their nutcracker people. After creating their nutcrackers they answered some questions about them and then got to name them! They all did a great job writing their own words. We also wrote letters to Santa. The kids were so excited to mail their letters in our Magical Mailbox. After the elves took our letters they left behind some special elf dust. We had a very exciting week!

Pre- Kindergarten 3

With Christmas being right around the corner we are busier than ever in PK3! The children have been listening to stories about Mary and the birth of baby Jesus, and started practicing for the virtual Christmas pageant. Santa Claus sent a scout elf to our classroom, and after reading the book “The Elf on the Shelf” the children named him “Star.” They work on math skills and get an idea how democracy works when we make class decisions. They begin by making nominations and then they take a vote. It was close this time, but “Star” won over “Benedict” 4-3. They just can’t wait to get into the classroom each morning to try to find where the elf is hiding! Literacy lessons were in an abundance this week. They continue to learn new sight words, letter sounds, and practice writing the letter and number of the week. They dictated letters to Santa and dropped them in his mailbox. Writing activities included the question of the month and a cute nutcracker activity. Both are hanging in the hallway and will be sent home soon. Most importantly, I am proud of the way they stepped up to the plate and put their best effort into helping one of our seventh graders with his class project. He is collecting and sending cards to our troops overseas for Valentine’s Day!

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you all have fun decorating the Christmas trees that were sent home yesterday!