• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 2/12/21

Early Learners

This week was all about love, caring, and spreading some kindness! We read lots of books this week but one of our favorites was Black is a Rainbow Color by Angela Joy. This book sparked some great questions and observations about our differences and similarities such as our eye color, skin color, and even things we like and don't like! We then asked the question What is love? and created a web of the children's answers. The children demonstrated lots of love for their friends by passing out valentines to each of them during our special Valentine's Day party! During circle time this week we focused a lot on our emerging Math skills. The children practiced their one-to-one correspondence, sorting by color and size, and creating simple patterns. Our Art area was also buzzing this week with creativity and self-expression. The children created their very own heart people using paper, drew self/family portraits, painted using heart stencils, and made some action art using heart doilies and marbles. We are also working on a classroom mural that says LOVE where each friend chose a color to represent them on the canvas. Throughout our weekly activities the Early Learners will continue to practice writing their letters, following multiple step directions, and being responsible for their daily jobs. One of the favorite jobs is prayer leader where one child gets to stand up and lead us in grace before we eat. Have a great week off, stay safe and healthy!

Pre-School 1

Preschool 1 was feeling the love this week! We celebrated Valentine’s Day with our friends and spread kindness through compliments all week long. One of our students loves to compliment her friends and teachers pretty much every day and we are hearing others pick up on this wonderful trait. When you hear a conversation between preschoolers about how much they like each others hair, shoes or dance moves, it really warms your heart! We also worked on the letter Q this week and though it’s a tough letter, the kids tried their best to think of as many “Q” words as they could. Our letter wall has very colorful quilted Q’s that they made and our Valentine buddies are decorating the rest of the room. The kiddos loved making any craft that had to do with hearts and love, and were surprised at how paper towel tubes can make pretty cool heart stampers. Passing out valentines is always a fun and endearing activity, and the kids enjoyed trying to read their friends names and deliver their special mail!

Have a great vacation and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Pre- School 2

Preschool 2 had a great week. We celebrated Valentine's Day and friendship. For the letter Q week, we read The Quilt by Ann Jonas. We got inspired and decided to make a friendship quilt! Each child painted watercolors on a piece of fabric. I put it together and we had a Quilt just like the one in the book.

Since we couldn’t go outside, we did classroom yoga. The movement kept us active and also was a lot of fun. For math, we played “roll and cover”. When I called out a number, children had to find and cover it. It was a great way to learn number recognition!

For science, we took the opportunity to use the snow. We observed three jars, one filled with ice, another with snow, and lastly one with water. Children made hypotheses to which one would have the most liquid when everything melted. Six of them said snow and the other two said water. Such great scientists!

Another fun hands on science activity that we really enjoyed was valentine’s slime. Children had so much fun creating and playing with it. It was a great sensory activity! Preschool enjoyed making different arts and crafts, especially the valentines they made for their families!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Wishing everyone a fun and safe vacation!

Pre- School 3

With Valentine's Day coming up, the Preschool 3 classroom has been buzzing with excitement. The children spent the week working on adorable Valentine's Day themed projects like the heart shaped "Bee Mine, Valentine" bumblebees and the "I love you to pieces" craft. Feeling festive, combined with our love of science, resulted in an fun experiment where we put Conversation Hearts in different liquids to see what would happen. Hearts were placed in water, vinegar, hand sanitizer, oil and glue. By the end of the week, the preschoolers discovered that the vinegar completely dissolved the hearts while the oil seemed to preserve the candy. The Conversation Hearts proved to be a very useful learning tool. They helped the children strengthen one to one correspondence skills and were also used as markers for the beginning sounds bingo game. Our Valentine's day party was a HUGE success! The preschoolers enjoyed special snacks, played musical chairs, exchanged Valentine's Day treats and ended with a dance party where Sebastian hollered, "check out these moves!" which started an epic dance off. It was a great week and the perfect way to kick off vacation. Have a wonderful break everyone!

Pre-Kindergarten 1

Pre-K1 had a blast participating in Valentine’s Day related activities this week! In writing they decorated hearts with things that they love. To go along with their hearts they had a writing assignment called My Heart is Full of. They wrote about their families, friends, and many even said they loved themselves. The teachers were overwhelmed with their sweet responses. In math they practiced sorting with candy hearts. They had to use many skills to complete this activity such as sorting, counting, writing numbers, and graphing. To finish the week they made “Bee Valentine’s” and had a small party with their classmates. They exchanged Valentines and enjoyed cupcakes. They were so excited to give gifts to their friends. We were so proud of the love they showed their friends with all the thank you's and hugs.

We hope everyone has a safe and relaxing February vacation!

Pre-Kindergarten 2

We have had a busy week with review and getting ready for Valentine’s Day. Throughout the week we created fun hearts and writing activities for our friends and family. We played a fun numbered heart game where the children picked a numbered heart and we all had to do the movement written on the back. For our Valentine’s Day party we did a great job reading our friends names and passing out our valentines. We even played some minute to win it games with conversation hearts. They did a great job stacking and sorting.

For a science activity we talked about absorbing and repelling water. We all worked together to see which objects absorb or repel water.

Pre- Kindergarten 3

This week has been all about Valentines Day and we also continue to acknowledge Black History Month. After researching some black inventors (George Washington Carver, Benjamin Banneker, and Sarah Boone, to name a few) the children came up with some brilliant ideas for things that they would like to invent someday. For instance, Abigail would like to invent “a box that could bounce up to the clouds and bring them down, so that we could bring people down from heaven”. We plan to make a class book featuring their future inventions. The whole class has been very excited about Valentines Day so we have incorporated the holiday into many of our language, math, art and science activities. For science they experimented with candy hearts. First they made predictions about whether or not the hearts would sink or float in water, soda and vinegar. They then conducted an experiment and recorded the results. For math they were each given a small box of candy hearts to sort by color. Then they counted them up and made a graph. One last activity for their candy hearts was a game of Bingo to review letter recognition. They were very happy to eat up the tokens when the game was over!

Happy Valentines Day to all and enjoy your vacation!