• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 2/26/21

Early Learners

The Early Learners have settled back in to our school routine after vacation. We continued to explore all about arctic animals and learned more about polar bears and snowy owls. We watched a video all about polar bears and learned about how they move on the ice and in the water, how their fur and bodies keep them warm, how they hunt, and what they eat. The children then made their own polar bears using puffy paint to represent their soft fur. They also created snowy owls using a pom pom dabbing technique. During group time, they worked together to find all the animals hiding in the snow by using clipboards and animal pictures. Each time they found an animal, the children would cross it off the list. They worked together until all the animals were crossed out! During circle time we worked on number recognition with mini polar bears. We also introduced lower case letters to some of the children who have mastered their uppercase letters! We are also working with them on writing their names each time we do work on paper. The children are trying so hard to master their fine motor skills especially their pencil grip. One way they worked on this during the week was by hammering pegs into styrofoam bricks. The trickiest part was pulling the pegs out of the bricks but the children were persistent and we have been building up their confidence and encouraging them to try new and/or hard things! Everyone enjoyed the nice sunny weather this week and we are ready for more sun in the coming weeks.

Pre-School 1

Preschool 1 had a fantastic week back in school and we are so excited about our new OWL unit on Colors! Since it’s R week as well, we were busy with Rainbows and the colors in the rainbow when it came to our activities. Our fine motor skills got a workout this week when we made our Rainbow paper collages by cutting and ripping paper. The letter of the week wall is the most colorful it has ever been with all of our “Rainbow R’s”. One of the most fun activities that we did, and I’m sure the kids have mentioned it, was that we made a robot out of recycled materials. After a talk about what recycling means and why it’s important, we used a bunch of items such a paper towel tubes, yogurt cups, and boxes to build our awesome class robot. The kids really used their imaginations to come up with some interesting ideas for our new friend. One student said, as they were helping to tape caps on, that they were buttons to turn the robot on/off and activate the superpowers. Another student said that the yogurt cups on its hands were mittens. We were so impressed with their creativity! The book Max’s Dragon Shirt by Rosemary Wells led to a fun easel activity for the PS1 artists to decorate their own green shirts. They look great hung up in our kitchen area, and the bright colors make it feel like spring has arrived in our class. Thankfully, we had some beautiful weather this week to enjoy some outside time and make some chalk art as well. It was great to see all of our little friends back together!

Pre- School 2

Preschoolers were so happy to be back after their vacation. We picked up right where we left off! Our new unit is: Color, we did lots of activities this week exploring the world of colors. What a better way to start this week than with the letter R. Rainbow was our theme of the week! Children used their fine motor and color recognition skills to create a beautiful rainbow craft. We worked together to make a huge class rainbow. Preschoolers sorted/classified different manipulatives then added them to the correct color on the rainbow. They were very excited when they were done.

Also for R week, we read the book The Three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by Núria Roca. Our class watched a couple videos about the recycling process. Afterwards, Preschoolers collected their recyclable items from their lunch/snack and used them to build a robot! We took a vote on what the robot’s name should be and “Rock” won by a landslide. Now our friend “Rock-o” is a part of our classroom.

We took advantage of the sunny Wednesday weather and went outside for recess! Preschoolers had fun using chalk and played hopscotch with friends. Hoping this is a sign that Spring is on the horizon.

Pre- School 3

This week we began our color unit and the preschoolers had a blast with all of the fun, hands on learning. We read Dog's Colorful Day by Emma Dodd which was a great interactive story that allowed the children to review colors and practice counting skills. Following the story, our friends were able to experiment with color mixing. They discovered that by mixing different combinations of the three primary colors, they could create new colors. The excitement over color mixing encouraged many more experiments. The children grew a rainbow by coloring on either end of a paper towel then placed each end in a cup of water. Everyone watched in amazement as the colors spread the entire length of the paper towel and created a rainbow. Another fun activity was dropping colored vinegar onto a tray of baking soda. Kaeyen announced, "it's erupting!" while Jenna noticed the "fizzing" sound created by the chemical reaction. The preschoolers worked on number recognition, one to one correspondence and fine motor skills while using tweezers to place the correct number of pom poms in each numbered cup of a muffin tin. To go along with the letter of the week, the children made colorful rainbow crafts and practiced writing the letter R on whiteboards. To strengthen letter and sound recognition skills, the preschoolers went on a letter hunt then worked together to put the letters in order. We have been enjoying the mild weather and were thrilled to finally get back outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Pre-Kindergarten 1

Pre-K1 had a busy week back. They celebrated the beginning of Lent and the letter Q. For “Q” week they painted paper plates to resemble a duck and the sound that they make which is “quack.” They traced their hands onto construction paper and cut them out to make feathers. They also glued on eyes, a beak, and feet. During circle time we talked about Lent. We came up with one thing we could do each day that would make Jesus proud. At home we helped set the dinner table and in the classroom we made sure we shared, showed respect to our peers and teachers, and used our manners. We realized these are simple things we can do to not only make Jesus proud, but also our teachers, parents, and even ourselves. To end the month of February we finished our February journals by writing about our vacations. All of the students wrote about how they spent their vacations enjoying the snow. Many of us skied, went sledding, threw snowballs and spent time outdoors enjoying the winter weather and getting fresh air. The highlight of the week was playing Bingo. Many of the students had never played Bingo before so it was fun to see their excitement when their boards were almost full. This helped them review their numbers and become more familiar with the numbers 11-20 which they are currently learning. It was another wonderful and productive week. We are looking forward to the Spring weather that is right around the corner.

Pre-Kindergarten 2

Pre K 2 is back in the swing of things after vacation. We've been very busy celebrating our 100 days of school, and the letter Q.

During our 100 day celebration we started our day off with some movement. The class had a lot of fun doing 10 different movements, for 10 seconds each. Then we all collected items around the room to count to 100. They did a great job working together to count to 100. We also worked in small group to create structures from 100 blocks, cups, domino’s and foam pieces.

For the letter Q, we came up with quite a few words for our word wall. The most interesting was a new dinosaur we never heard of, Quetzalcoatlus, thank you Owen for teaching us something new. While creating art work with Q-Tips, we talked about how to create a picture by using dots called pointillism. We even look up famous paintings on the internet that are painted in this style.

Pre- Kindergarten 3

The Pre-Kindergarten 3 class has been very busy while wrapping up the month of February! We celebrated the 100th day of school on Monday. Each child brought in 100 small items to count with their classmates. We read the book “100 Snowmen” by Jen Arena and learned a new math trick while interacting with the story. The children also put their math skills to work while creating their own 100 monsters. We took advantage of a nice warm day and went on an outdoor scavenger hunt. The children had a list of sixteen winter themed items to try to find. They checked the items off as they went along and were able to locate fifteen of them! February is Children’s Dental Health Awareness month. We read a couple of books about taking care of your teeth and then the children made their own emergent reader books. They did a great job filling in the missing words on each page and coloring the pictures. To go along with the letter of the week they tried painting with Q-tips. They were introduced to the art technique of pointillism and then they were each given Q-tips and a paint pallet to create their own masterpieces!