• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 2/28/2020

  1. EARLY LEARNERS This week the Early Learners have been talking about Construction! We read many books about construction trucks. Their favorites were Goodnight, Goodnight. Construction Site and Mighty, Mighty Construction Site. We made a chart of our favorite construction vehicle, we played with dirt and gravel with mini bulldozers and excavators. For an art activity we made muddy tracks by pushing the construction vehicles through brown paint. Our Science area was filled with rocks, gravel, and play dough. The children also practiced making their letters using the rocks.

  2. PRESCHOOL 1, 2 & 3 This week Preschool 1, 2 and 3 started our unit on colors. We talked about what their favorite colors and some items that they could think of that were that color. The students participated in activities and art projects that were centered around colors. We did color patterns, made our own colorful dragon t-shirts out of construction paper and read a book about a colorful dog. The children are very excited to continue learning about colors.

  3. PRESCHOOL 4 This week, the preschoolers have been learning about dental health. They brainstormed ways to keep their teeth healthy and generated a chart of good habits, which included things like, "brush your teeth ", visit the dentist", "eat healthy foods" and "floss". The children also played a game called "Happy Tooth, Sad Tooth" where they pulled a food out of a bag and had to determine if it was good or bad for their teeth. After exploring different toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste, the preschoolers got to work brushing dirty teeth and even conducted an experiment with an egg and vinegar to show how acid can cause tooth decay. We carried the dental health theme into other areas as well. They worked on letter recognition while playing tooth bingo and practiced one to one correspondence skills while counting teeth. The children in Preschool 4 are dental health experts!

  4. PRE-K 1 & 2 This week in the PK rooms it was "P" week and color week! The students made pigs out of the letter P. They also practiced mixing colors to make new colors. In art they used water colors to paint fish bowls. They realized color makes our world so beautiful. We also talked about Lent and what we can do to help others. Some of their answers were very impressive, and so thoughtful.