• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 2/7/2020

  1. Early Learners talked all about "Love".  During circle time we read Puppy Love by Lisa Ann Marsoli.  After the story we talked about what love is, and was asked who/what they love.  Most of them answered their Mommies and Daddies, some said their pets and one even said Ms. Hulme, awwww!! We also made heart people using different size hearts.

  2. Preschool 1, 2 & 3 have are starting to celebrate Valentines's Day by working on different valentine crafts to decorate our classrooms. We have finished up our wind and water unit this week (such a fun science unit!) In addition to all that, we are also continuing our focus on academics such as numbers, counting and letters. Plus, we just love our time in centers where we are doing so much important learning through play!

  3. Preschool 4 are very excited about Valentine's Day and have been busy making decorations for the party next week.  They made "Bee Mine Valentine" bees, beautiful sponge paintings and cute paper heart people.  We were able to incorporate our Valentine's Day theme into other learning areas as well.  The children used rose petals to strengthen one to one correspondence skills, heart puzzles to work on letter recognition and beginning sounds knowledge, and were able to refine fine motor skills while exploring with tweezers in the sensory table.

  4. Pre-K1 loved learning about patterns this week. They built patterns using unifix cubes and played pattern board games. To celebrate Valentine's Day they wrote about what love means to them and made Bee Valentines for our loved ones.

  5. Pre- K2 created their own snow during a science activity.  We used Insta-Snow to create snow, then we talked about what we can use to add to the powder to create snow. We added some water and Ta-Da SNOW!!! They loved seeing the snow puff up. We all had a chance to play with it.