• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 3/12/21

Early Learners

As many of you may have heard already, the Early Learners got recruited by a bunch of Leprechauns to help find their lost gold! The children noticed there were "Help Wanted" signs posted around our classroom and hallway. After reading the signs, we learned that the leprechauns lost their gold and it was the children's job to find 2 gold pieces a day. They have been searching all over and so far have found 6 gold coins! The leprechauns said they would trade the gold for treats next week but the children had something else in mind....they want to try to catch them instead! So we researched different traps and read How to Catch a Leprechaun to help us come up with ideas for our very own trap. The children brainstormed all their ideas and they have been working hard building and decorating it. The first step was to paint the box and they all decided they wanted it to look like a rainbow. Next week we will put the finishing touches on it and hopefully trap one on St. Patrick's Day. This week, we explored more ways to mix and create colors through art and also also finished up our Favorite Color chart. Each child wrote their name and then graphed their favorite color(s). They are so proud of their hard work and love showing it off!

Pre-School 1

What a terrific week we had in Preschool 1! The kiddos learned about the letter T, continued exploring colors, and practiced their teamwork skills to finish different activities. Our letter trees changed the art center into spring while the children strengthened their fine motor skills by tearing paper into small pieces to create them. On Wednesday, we had a great time during our Teddy Bear picnic! The kids were so cute sipping their tea (most of them loved the honey vanilla chamomile), and snacking on Teddy Grahams. We all enjoyed the sunshine and the kids loved sitting on the side lawn with their teddies and stuffed animals. During the week, we read Dog’s Colorful Day by Emma Dodd and used the book to do a group activity focusing on following directions. The kids did an amazing job listening to the story while making their own colorful dogs according to the book. Morning work this week had new academic activities and the children worked in pairs or groups to play the games. I heard lots of kind manners while floating around the tables, and the kids are really enjoying this new routine. Of course with all the beautiful weather, we were able to get outside to recess and run all of that energy out too. We are definitely excited that spring is around the corner!

Pre- School 2

We are continuing with the color unit and are having so much fun! We read many books about colors but the one that grabbed our attention was Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni. In the book, Little Blue and Little Yellow miss each other. When they finally reunite, they hug and turn green! After we read the book, we used the blue and yellow playdough to make our own characters. The children were so excited to see the new color they created. They took some home to tell the story and do the activity with their family.

This was T week and we had a terrific time! Preschool did letter practice and turned the letter T into a tree. They ripped green and brown paper, then glued it to a letter T to make a tree. This activity requires hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills. It helped the preschoolers strengthen their finger muscles. Also for T week, we had tasty treats with our teddy bears. We enjoyed a nice picnic outdoors and had some Teddy Grahams and tea.

The weather this week has been great. Preschool had lots of fun spending time on the playground. They have been missing being able to run around and the fresh air. We are so happy that spring is almost here!

Pre- School 3

Saint Patrick's Day is right about the corner and our friends in the Preschool 3 classroom had a great time preparing. It all started when the children discovered a pot of gold on the table which sparked a discussion about how it got there. Sebastian thought they were magic coins, Yarah wished they were chocolate treats, while Jenna and Mary Kate were convinced that a "sneaky" leprechaun must have left them there. The children got magnifying glasses and went on a hunt for the little leprechaun, but their search turned up empty. To go along with the theme of the morning, we read How to Trap a Leprechaun, by Sue Filess then talked about how we would catch a leprechaun. Christopher suggested catching him with a fishing pole while Hannah concocted a more elaborate plan where she would place a lollipop in a cage to lure him in then shut the door behind him. The preschoolers used the gold coins to work on number recognition and one to one correspondence skills. Math skills were also strengthened as they played Shamrock Roll and Cover, where they had to roll a dice and cover the corresponding shamrock. Our science unit consisted of making green playdough and exploring green oil and water sensory bags. This week we focused on the letter T. After learning how to write the letter, the children were invited to make "T is for Tree" crafts. They also made cute dancing tigers with moveable limbs, but the best T activity was our outdoor tea party with teddy graham treats. The weather has been amazing this week so we took full advantage and spent lots of extra time outside. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Pre-Kindergarten 1

Pre-K1 had so much fun this week working on colors. The class created a Spring garden with beautiful flowers. To create the flowers they learned how to paint with Q- tips. Each flower was unique in its own way and used a variety of colors. During center time the students used their imagination and went grocery shopping. When they were done shopping they brought their items to one of their classmates who was the cashier. This activity helped them to identify the coins they have been learning. It was fun to see them use their imaginations and work together with their classmates. In another center they created their names out of play dough. They used their fine motor skills to roll and bend the dough to shape their letters. We discovered it was easier to make capital letters compared to our lowercase letters. To celebrate colors and St. Patrick’s Day coming up the students made rainbows out of Fruit Loops. This activity reinforced other fine motors skills such as sorting and pasting. It was another great week! We are looking forward to the Spring weather right around the corner!

Pre-Kindergaten 2

Happy Friday!! Pre-K 2 have been busy this week and they are loving outside time!!!

This week we talked about the letter "S". They worked hard coming up with S words, so far we came up with 39 words. that's the most so far. We also worked on activities that have to do with the letter "S". The kids loved learning about Shadows. They each picked a object in the classroom to bring outside and used the sun to create a shadow. Then we traced the shadow that the object made. We also created cool statues with our own shadows.

Pre-K also talk about how things are special. After reading the book Elmer we created our own elephants and we wrote what makes us special. I love all their answers. They are so creative.

Pre- Kindergarten 3

The PK3 class has been having a lot of fun with their learning activities this week. The letter of the week is S and together they came up with thirty-five words! They have also been experimenting with how the sun casts shadows. They each had a turn to make shadow hand puppets and observe how their shadows copy their body movements. Then they brought items from the classroom outside, found a sunny spot, and traced their object’s shadow. They are very excited about St. Patrick’s Day and leprechauns. They practiced number recognition while playing “where’s the leprechaun?” and sorted and graphed Lucky Charms cereal. The best part was eating them up after they finished! On Thursday they came in to find gold coins all over the classroom and a little green hat with a note in it. It appears that a leprechaun was in our room and the pot that held his gold had a hole in it. He has asked the children to help him recover the gold that fell out and place it in his hat so that he can come back for it. We then read the story How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace. This inspired them to create a trap to try to catch our leprechaun when he comes back. They brainstormed to decide on what materials to use, and how to make it work. Then they drew up the plans. Hopefully they will have it assembled and ready before St. Patrick’s Day! Enjoy your weekend!