• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 3/19/21

Early Learners

What a week it has been inside the E.L. Classroom! The room was absolutely buzzing with excitement around the tricky leprechauns who turned our school upside down and inside out! The children finished up building and setting up the leprechaun trap they designed and created. It was complete with a comfy bed made from tissue paper and cotton balls, little books to read, a ladder to climb up to the bed, and a sign the children wrote that invited the leprechaun to "take a nap here." Unfortunately, we didn't trap the leprechaun, as Cormac told us, "Him escaped!" and Mackenzie said it was because he was "a tricky little leprechaun and ran out of his bed!" But the leprechaun did leave the children tons of treats and even a letter that mentioned each of our friends by name. Rocco also brought in special shamrock cookies to share with the class for our St. Patrick's Day party! We did fit some other activities in such as counting and matching numbers using rainbow puzzles, using shamrock stencils while painting, and creating rainbow friendship necklaces!

Pre-School 1

This has been the most fun and busy week that Preschool 1 has had so far! We fit in some time for our letter U this week, but St. Patrick’s Day really was the highlight for all of us. The letter U can be a tricky one to generate words, but our little rockstars still thought of a bunch to fill up our letter of the week poster. The kiddos loved seeing how coffee filters absorbed water colors and that when the colors spread into other areas, they blended into new colors! It was a great experiment to tie in our past lesson on absorption with the last of our color unit. Of course, once they were cut into umbrella shapes, they then made colorful pictures for U week. We have also been loving our new movement dice that we just got. I’m pretty sure the chicken dance and zombie walk are the favorites to do. By far the most exciting part of our week though was walking in to our classroom to find out that it had been all mixed up by a sneaky leprechaun, or leprechauns. One of the children said there had to be a bunch of them since they made such a big mess! There were green shoe prints all over, kitchen food, puzzles, papers and blocks were everywhere and even the kids cubbies were all torn apart! The sweetest moment though was watching the children immediately start cleaning up and helping each other fix their classroom. One of the girls said to me “let’s clean up this mess so we can have a normal day again!” Thankfully, the leprechaun hid special treasures for all of the kids around the room to find under their own personal rainbows. It’s pretty amazing to see how these kids really work together like a team to help out, and we couldn’t be prouder!

Pre- School 2

This week our class focused on St. Patrick's Day. We read many books and did lots of St. Patrick's Day activities. Our favorite book of the week was The Night Before St. Patrick's Day by Natasha Wing. We had a HUGE surprise on St. Patrick day, “someone” (we think it was a Leprechaun) came and messed up our classroom! There were footprints everywhere, furniture was turned upside, and toys/materials were all out of place. Although preschoolers were happy to find pots of gold, they were upset to see our classroom all out of sorts. The Preschoolers were quick to start cleaning up. We then celebrated St. Patrick Day and had a great time.

This is our last week of the color unit. We did more experiments with colors including walking water. The children were amused to see the colors walking up the paper towels and combining to create a new color. Preschool also made fruit loop necklaces to make colors more interesting. They classified the colors and arranged them in a rainbow format. It was a fun math activity and they got to use their fine motor skills.

For letter U week, preschoolers did some letter practice and made an “Unbelievably Unique Unicorn”. For math, we used unifix cubes. Children counted the amount of cubes and matched them to the right number. It was a great way to practice numbers recognition and learn about quantity.

Pre- School 3

The preschoolers had so much fun getting ready for St. Patrick's Day! They were determined to catch that "naughty little leprechaun" so the children tossed around some ideas and came up with a plan to trap him. They figured they could lure him with gold coins and candy, so those items were placed under a colorful box that was held up by a block. The children figured that the leprechaun would be so eager to take the gold and candy, that he would inadvertently knock the block out of the way causing the box to fall on top of him. It was a great plan, one that we were sure would work. However, when the preschoolers came to school on St. Patrick's Day, they discovered that not only was the leprechaun too clever for the trap but he was a mischievous little guy as well. The leprechaun destroyed the classroom! He flipped tables and chairs, stepped in green paint and covered the room in footprints and wrote a message in paint saying, "Better luck next time". Even though the fresh little leprechaun got away, he did leave the children delicious gold coins as a consolation prize. In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, the preschoolers went on a color run. When a color of the rainbow was called out, they had to run and find objects of the same color and fill in the rainbow. The rainbow theme carried over into the art area where the children created rainbow shamrocks by gluing colorful squares of paper onto a clover shape. They also made shamrock friends, marble shamrocks and a class handprint rainbow. Our friends were able to strengthen math skills while they searched for numbers and placed them in numerical order on a pot of gold. They also worked on lowercase letter recognition and correct three-point pencil grasp while writing the letter of the week as well as their names. Some friends are even learning how to write their last names too! I am so proud of my Preschool 3 rockstars! Have a great weekend. Happy Spring!

Pre-Kindergarten 1

There was a lot of excitement in the air in Pre-K1 this week! The pre-kindergartners were busy celebrating the coming of Spring, the letter “T,” finishing their color unit, and celebrating St. Patrick! For “T” week the children had to come up with words that started with the letter “T,” practice writing the letter in uppercase and lowercase, and use their fine motor skills to make tigers. Ms. King and Mrs. Barrett also surprised them by putting up a tent so that they could read with their friends under the tent’s starry sky. They thought it was so cool! We read many stories this week about St. Patrick and leprechauns. We even had a special visitor come to the classroom and make a mess! Lucky the Leprechaun left the children some coins, a new book about how to catch a leprechaun, and munchkins. To get excited about spring we discussed the parts of a flower. The children had to paste the parts of a flower in the correct spots. After, we went outside on a scavenger hunt to see if we could see things in nature that let us know Spring was on its way. We saw many birds, bugs, buds, and even a worm! We are excited to search for more signs of spring in the upcoming weeks. It was another fantastic week!

Pre-Kindergaten 2

Happy Friday!!

PreK 2 have been working hard this week. We've had a busy week celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, the letter T and talking about the first day of Spring.

The class did a great job putting shamrocks in order from 1-15 without the teachers help. Each child picked a numbered shamrock, then had to work together to put them in order.

They also were all excited to find gold chocolate all around the room that the leprechaun left behind.

During the week we came up with words that begin with the letter T. This week they came up with 49 words!!! The most so far!!! I'm very proud of them!

On Friday, we talked about how the first day of spring is Saturday. We read the book Spring for Sophie, written by Yael Werber. Then we discussed all the things we will start seeing. After reading the story we made beautiful drawings of things we see in Spring.

As always we continue to work on our sight words and other fun ways to get us ready for Kindergarten!!!

Pre- Kindergarten 3

The Pre-K3 class had so much fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this week! Last week a leprechaun lost his gold in our classroom and he asked the children to find it. This, along with a story that we read, inspired them to build a trap. They brainstormed to come up with classroom materials that they could use and then they each drew up blueprints. Tuesday afternoon they worked together to construct their trap. I loved listening to them while they came up with new and better ideas as they worked. On Wednesday morning the children were so excited to discover that the trap went off, even if the leprechaun did get away. He played a few pranks on us, but also left some yummy treats (as promised) so it was a win win! We also incorporated St. Patrick’s Day into our math, language, and art activities and had our own little parade. The letter of the week is “T” and the children came up with thirty-four words so far. They loved the story One Tiny Turtle by Nicola Davies. It contains many interesting facts about the life of a loggerhead sea turtle. Following the story they made some turtles of their own. Have a great weekend... and WELCOME SPRING!!