• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 4/16/21

Week of the Young Child

This week was NAEYC Week of the young child. We celebrated early learning and young children with a fun-filled week of different activities, based on a daily theme.

Music Monday

The Early Learners made their own "Shakers" by adding different noise makers in an egg. We also explored different instruments like a keyboard and a Ukulele.

Preschool 1 explored instruments, listened to different types of music (rock music was the class favorite!), had a disco yoga party and made rain sticks

Pre-School 2 preschool enjoyed making shakers and playing with different music instruments!

Pre-School 3 had fun exploring instruments, playing musical chairs, and making rain sticks.

Pre-K1 tapped out familiar Children’s songs using craft sticks and plastic filled rice eggs. They learned about rhythm and working together to keep the beat. They also had fun coming up with their own movements to songs. Many pretended they were playing the guitar. We had a lot of laughs!

Pre-K2 had a lot of fun on music Monday creating jams.

The PK3 class made their own maracas and had the opportunity to try playing the keyboard and drum.

Tasty Tuesday/Pajama Day

The Early Learners had so much fun on Tasty Tuesday. We made pancakes with delicious toppings, and had a taste taste with different kinds of food. The children had a blast playing "restaurant" in the kitchen area with different utensils and menus.

Preschool 1 loved doing yoga in their pjs, talked about their favorite foods (cereal is a big hit with this group!), and made yummy trail mix with different cereals, raisins, goldfish and chocolate chips.

Pre school 2 talked about healthy food and made a tasty trail mix to enjoy!

Pre School 3 made trail mix, played "What's Missing?" with kitchen items, and experimented with flour and water.

Pre-K1 made fruit smoothies! They learned about the different food groups and about foods that are healthy and unhealthy. They also learned what a recipe is and how to measure out ingredients.

The Pre-K2&3 children brought in a different type of fruit to make a friendship salad. They all thought it was delicious!

Work Together Wednesday

The EL children each made a piece of a mural by taking turns painting on a canvas. We wrote a cooperative story by pulling different items out of a bag.

Preschool 1 made an awesome building by taking turns to add their own 3 blocks to the collaborative structure. We heard lots of kind compliments when the kiddos added pieces on! We also worked on small group activities like ABC matching and monster dice match. Group floor puzzles are also a fun way to work together!

Preschool 2 put puzzles together, created a painting and built structures with blocks.

Pre school 3 worked in pairs to create beautiful murals. They also demonstrated great teamwork while building with blocks and completing floor puzzles.

Pre-K1 learned how to work together as a team. They also learned how to recycle. They were given many recyclable items and as a team created a robot! Their robot was very creative!

Pre K2 worked together to create a bridge for the animals to cross the river without getting wet.

Pre-K3 colored a giant river together. Working in small groups, they constructed bridges to cross the river and then had a contest to see which group could build the tallest tower.