• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 4/30/21

Early Learners

This week the children have been exploring all about flowers! They have been so interested in flowers since we planted our very own before vacation. We check on them daily and water them...we even noticed they have started to sprout. During group time the children studied different types of seeds and we talked about how they were the same and different. Mick said the seeds "look like rocket ships putting the fire out", Jack said "that looks like chocolate eggs", and Margaret said "they look so tiny!" We also tried matching the seeds to their flower. After researching the parts of a flower, the children worked together to build our own 3D flower by starting from the roots all the way up to the petals! Since the children are very curious about the roots of plants we wanted to able to see roots grow. Each child put a couple beans on a wet towel inside a baggie. We hung them up in the window and are so curious to see when or if they will sprout! They also worked on writing their names on their bags. They are getting so great at mark making and forming their letters! This week we also worked on counting, number recognition, and one-to-one correspondence by using tweezers to put the same number beans into the numbered pots! The class also created a bar graph by each choosing which flower they liked the best. Our Art area was also full of hands on opportunities such as painting with tubes, forks, and creating flower collage frames.

Pre-School 1

Our Preschool 1 kiddos were very excited about being back in school after our April vacation. We came back to a super busy week filled with lots of hands on activities for “Y” week, the start of our new OWL unit and of course springtime. We made a great list of Y words, learned how to dance like a yeti and covered yellow Y’s with yarn. The focus of our new OWL unit is on shadows and reflections and what better way to introduce that but by shadow dancing! The whole class had so much fun with that activity that it has been requested everyday by at least one of the students. We now have a room full of professional gardeners since we planted our zinnia seeds, made bean sprout houses and everyone is having a blast in our new gardening center. Of course we’ve also fit in some fun counting, fine motor, and letter activities as well as lots of playtime. We will definitely be making the most of our last weeks here in school!

Pre-School 2

Preschool 2 had a great week after vacation, they were so happy to share what they did with their families! This week we started a new unit “Shadow and Reflection”. Preschoolers learned what makes a shadow and how shadows reflect different objects in front of the Sun/ light. They also learned how the Sun moves during the day and how it’s position changes shadows. We haven’t been lucky with the Sun this week but preschoolers had a great time experimenting with light! Together, they took turns building structures and moved the light to see how the shadow changes. Most of all, preschoolers had so much fun seeing their own shadows! They all made a lot of different poses. We are continuing to learn about Spring. We read the book The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. After, preschool created their own sprout houses. Children can't wait to see their beans sprout. They also learned different parts of the plant and with help, they labeled their flowers. They are so excited how their flower seeds sprout with leaves. Preschoolers are checking them daily, watering them, and taking great care of their plants! Preschool learned about the letter Y. We went over Y words and did some worksheets/ activities. We did a craft pasting a Y on a yellow paper and used yarn for decoration.

Pre-School 3

The preschoolers had so much fun learning all about bugs and insects. Using magnifying glasses, the children explored realistic toy bugs then created a chart of their favorites. The ladybug was the most popular bug, followed by the beetle. After reading the book, The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle, the preschoolers discussed things that make them grouchy then made their own adorable grouchy ladybugs. This week, we focused a lot on math skills. Number recognition and one to one correspondence skills were strengthened as the children counted and sorted bugs. The balancing scale was also used to compare the weight of different bugs. The children predicted which bug was the heaviest and had fun trying to find out which bugs weighed the same. Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar sparked a lot of questions about caterpillars and butterflies and prompted a lesson about the life cycle of a butterfly. The children were given pictures of the four stages of the life cycle and took turns putting them in the proper order. The story also inspired the group to make a very hungry caterpillar for the classroom. After learning about fossils and how they are created, the children were invited to make their own bug fossils by pressing different bugs into playdough. Everyone was very excited to see the impressions each bug left behind. The Great Bug Rescue was a class favorite. They were given the challenging task of rescuing bugs from the spider web before it was too late! They gave their fine motor skills a work out while using tweezers to pull the bugs out of the tangled web. After rescuing the bugs they used counting skills to determine who recovered the most insects. Everyone is enjoying the bug unit so much, they already asked if we could learn more about them next week too!


It was another awesome week in Pre-K1! The children were very excited to celebrate the letter X. Their favorite part of the week was creating x-rays of their hands. They had their hands traced and then using q-tips they created bones within their fingers. They also learned about the bones in the human body by putting together a skeleton puzzle. In math they learned about the concept of division and how it’s important to share things equally between others. They practiced sharing things between monkeys using bananas and cookies. They did awesome with this difficult concept. The teachers role played with the monkeys to make it silly and fun. To finish their April writing journals they wrote about something fun and exciting they did over April Vacation. Many of the children are sounding out words on their own as they are writing. They ended the week playing movement and phonics games. Ms. King and Mrs. Barrett are so proud of all their hard work and how much they have grown this year!


Welcome back from Vacation! Pre-K 2 has had a very busy week. We focused a lot on Science and Math. The class got to explore a Dandelion by using their senses; sight, touch and smell. We learned facts about Dandelions while exploring them. Then we talked all about how the flower turns into white seeds. We all agreed that it was fun to make a wish while blowing the white seeds off of the stem. For an Art and Writing activity we created our own Dandelion by dipping a sponge in paint, and stamping it onto paper. Each child came up with their own wish and wrote it under their Dandelion. We also talked about seeds and explored some carrot and green bean seeds. Then we planted them. We can't wait to see the roots start to grow. Next week we will plant some flowers! We also played a game that focused on letters, each child got to use a white board, they had to write down the 3 letters that we said, then each child picked a card with a picture on it, then had to circle the letter that matched the beginning sound of the picture. During some afternoons we focused on small group math activities. They all did a great job playing different math games. We worked on counting one to one correspondence, understanding and counting Tally marks, math sentences by rolling the dice.

Pre-K 3

This has been a busy week in the PK3 classroom. The children have been learning about the parts of a flower and how to plant and and take care of them. After listening to the story The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, they each planted their own sunflower seeds and made sunflowers out of paper to hang in the classroom. They also used construction paper, paint and tissue paper to create beautiful flower gardens. We talked about dandelions and how they turn into “wish flowers”. They then worked on their writing activities revealing their personal wishes. Continuing with that topic, we read I Wish That I Had Duck Feet by Dr. Seuss. The children each made a page for a class book to retell the story in their words. We plan to share this book with families once it is finished. One of our families was kind enough to donate caterpillars so that we can observe them as they go through metamorphosis. We read From Caterpillar to Butterfly by Deborah Heiligman to learn all about this process, along with some new vocabulary words. Anticipating the next stage (chrysalis) is so exciting that the children frequently check on their caterpillars throughout the day. They have noticed that they are already getting bigger! Have a great weekend!