• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 4/9/21

Early Learners

Spring has definitely sprung in the E.L. classroom! The children were very excited to be back in school learning alongside their friends and teachers! We started the week by researching Spring on the computer. We created a class web of the children's thoughts about what Spring is. Throughout the week, the children had lots of opportunities to explore real and pretend flowers, nature, and dirt! We used the pretend flowers to practice our patterning and counting skills and used the real flowers with the scissors and magnifying glasses to explore the different parts of a flower. Here are some of the children's observations...Mick: "There's seeds inside...HEY! Look, look look! they're not seeds! I'm a walking stick...look on the stick, cuts from the scissors.", Jack: "These ones (petals) are not soft...these are dried up.", Carly: "It's hard to cut this pinecone.", Mackenzie: "It's just wet inside...there water in there? This one doesn't have a stem. How do we cut this stick? Oh we can rip it!" The children worked together to plant flowers in our class flowerpot and planted some herbs for our science area. Each day we will check on them to see the changes. We will work together to take care of them, water them, and make sure that they thrive! The children also did a story time scavenger hunt using The Little Blue Truck and got a little messy painting their own mud pictures.

Pre-School 1

Our Preschool 1 friends sure were happy to be back together and the spring weather was so beautiful that we enjoyed lots of outside time this week! We got right back to business with the letter X for letter of the week and even made our own X-Rays with Q-tips. The children thought the photos of real x-rays were pretty cool, and one of the boys was positive that the hand x-ray was his little brother’s! Since we have been missing our friends, we made sure to include lots of group activities working on letter and math skills which the kids always enjoy. Now that spring is in full bloom, we are bringing it into the classroom to make our room more colorful and bright. The kids had made baskets for Easter, but we never finished them, so we’ve decided to turn them into kites and decorate our class. We are also making flowers and crosses to continue bringing some springtime color into our room. The children enjoyed a walk around the school the other day to look for signs of spring. We found buds growing on trees, green grass patches, dandelion shoots that are almost ready to bloom and we loved examining the beautiful forsythia bushes in our play yard. When we went back to our class, we chatted and made a chart of our observations. To finish up our activity, the kiddos drew their own pictures of what they saw and some even copied the words (or some of the letters) from the chart. The learning and fun never stops in Preschool 1!

Pre- School 2

Preschoolers are happy to be back in the classroom! When we got there Monday, I got an email from the Easter Bunny. The email had a clue that told us to go outside to find a surprise. The children were so excited to go outside to find the eggs. Each preschooler had to find one egg of each color for their basket. They helped each other find the ones they needed. With preschool, you can celebrate Easter any day :)

Our class went outside looking for signs of Spring. We found buds, flowers and leaves. We also heard birds chirping. We took photos and are planning to go back next week to see if anything changed. We talked about what Spring is, each child had their own explanation: “Spring is when you hear birds chirping” “Spring is when you see flowers” and “Spring is when it gets warm and sunny”. Preschooler discussed what plants need to grow. We observed different types of seeds from fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Then each preschooler planted flowers in their own pot.

For math, children had to flip a card that had a number on it. When they saw the number, they would have to count how many flowers to put into the vase. This activity helped children practice number recognition and quantity. For letter X week, preschoolers observed some different X-Rays and made a X-ray of their hands using q-tips. We also practiced writing the letter X.

Pre- School 3

Welcome back! We are all so happy to be in the classroom again! The preschoolers had a fun week learning about gardening. After reading the story, The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, the children made a beautiful paper sunflower garden. They were amazed to learn that some sunflowers can grow to be over 16 feet tall. The preschoolers thought that I was "pranking" them with that fact but a little research on the computer convinced them otherwise. Christopher said, "I want to make my sunflower giant too", so the children took turns measuring each other and made their flower stems as tall as themselves. The sunflower theme carried over into the science center where everyone had a turn to explore sunflower seeds and plant one of their own. The preschoolers were fascinated by the seeds so they were invited to examine various vegetable seeds with magnifying glasses. The green bean seed was a class favorite so we decided to conduct an experiment to see if we could get a green bean seed to sprout by wrapping it in a damp paper towel and placing it into a plastic bag that was taped to the window. Everyone is excited to find out if it worked. The children set up a cute little flower shop and had a great time selling and delivering flowers. Those flowers were also used to create and solve addition and subtraction sentences. The preschoolers have been working very hard on letter recognition skills and they blew me away this week when they used sound knowledge skills to create three letter words. I am so extremely proud of them!

Pre-Kindergarten 1

Pre-K1 enjoyed the Spring weather this week! They spent time outside laughing, running around, and practicing their numbers and letters using chalk. They also practiced writing their last names. They wrote their last names using different writing tools such as pencils, crayons and markers. Some even practiced on mini white boards. The different writing tools helped the children work on their fine motor skills. In math the students worked on simple subtraction problems and writing numbers 1-30. For an assignment they were asked to work as a team to write these numbers. They came up one by one to the board to write the number they were assigned. They wrote all their numbers in order without any help. This was a big accomplishment! Lastly they celebrated the letter “V.” They completed many “V” related activities. One of their favorite activities was making volcanoes using sponges and paint. It was so good having the children back in person. We missed them!

Pre-Kindergaten 2

PreK-2 is so excited to be back in school. We have been busy this week working on Spring activities and the letter V.

This week we adopted a marshmallow peep. Each friend picked a peep, named the peep and answered some questions about their peep. They had to take care of their peep all day.

For "V" week we talked about Villages.

The class came up with things they would see in different villages. They had so many great ideas. The class then drew their own village with roads, buildings, playgrounds, people and many more items. After they were done with their village creation, they each got to name their village. I love their creativity.

We also started working on our classroom book. They are all excited to vote on an animal and a name to write about. When the book is done, they will each have a turn to bring the book home for a night to share with their family.

I'm amazed at how well the children are doing with their site words, syllables and counting by tally marks!! I'm very proud of all of them.

Pre- Kindergarten 3

It is such a pleasure to have the children back in the classroom! They began the week by hunting for the eggs that the Easter Bunny left for them. Then they each had the opportunity to visit the Peep Adoption Center to choose a peep that would be their responsibility for the entire day. Recently, they have been discussing the difference between living and non living things and this activity was a great way to extend that knowledge. They all did a great job pretending that their peeps were living creatures that needed food, water and loving care. They named them, fed them, got babysitters for them when necessary, and many of them even made beds for their “babies”. The following day we used the leftover peeps to conduct a science experiment. They made predictions about what effect different liquids would have on them and then observed the changes that took place over 24 hours. They are also reviewing math skills and sight word knowledge while working on their “Counting Eggs” emergent reader books. The letter of the week is “V” and they each created their own village on paper. When they were done with their drawings they named their villages and then each child presented them to the class. They were so cute standing at the easel and using the pointer as they described their villages to their classmates. Have a great weekend!!