• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 9/18/2020

Early Learners

What a great start to a new year! The children have been settling in nicely and making new friends.

The past couple of weeks we talked about ourselves and our families. We made an "All About Me" book by drawing some of our favorite things, we looked in mirrors and talked about our different body parts. Together we made a Time Capsule by measuring the children, asking them questions, and making hand prints. We can't wait to see how much they grow throughout the year. The children also made a chart by making a tally mark under what color eyes they have. Blue eyes WON!!!

During morning meeting we sing songs, practice the letters in our names, colors and shapes. What a smart group we have here a St. Mary of the Hills!

Pre School 1

Hi Preschool 1 families!! 

We have had a fantastic first couple of weeks of school! Our class has become such a close group already and have been making such sweet friendships. 

The kids have been excited about our Letter of the Week activities that we started last week. Our awesome apples and beautiful bees were super fun to do! Our class has also worked very hard on their scissor skills, letter practice and counting. It’s been wonderful watching their progress already!! 

Pre School 2

Preschool two is getting off to a great start! These last few weeks we have been getting acquainted with classroom rules and routine. Students are getting more comfortable and starting to learn each other's names. This year every week we will be focusing on a letter of the alphabet Last week we started with A. This week B is our letter of week: We learned B sound, some words that start with B and did letter B activities. 

Pre School 3

 We are so excited to be back in the classroom! The preschoolers are doing such a great job adjusting to our new normal and are having a great time at school. They have been busy working on letter recognition skills, one to one correspondence, and fine motor skills. Writing on the whiteboard is a classroom favorite and it is also a great way to practice pencil grip and handwriting skills. The children are enthusiastic about learning and I am looking forward to a great year!

Pre- Kindergarten 1

Pre-K1 had an amazing first full week of school! For “A” week they made alligators and went on an “A” hunt. They also learned about their colors while making a fall book. They are very excited for “B” week next week!

Pre- Kindergarten 2

Pre K 2 children were busy the last couple of weeks. They are all adjusting to their new classroom nicely. 

Last week created our first classroom book. Each child picked a friend to write about. They all did a great job writing their words and drawing pictures.  

This week we explored apples and tasted 3 types of yummy apples.  After exploring and tasting the apples they got to talk about them. We used some new vocabulary to describe the outside and inside of the apples.

Pre- Kindergarten 3

We have had a great couple of weeks in Pre-K 3. This week we have been talking about friendship, apples and the letter A. The children made a friendship book together and are learning to identify each other’s names. They had a lot of fun doing a taste test to determine what color apple they liked best red, yellow or green. We made a graph to record the results and discovered that the class favorite is green! They also had the opportunity to explore the inside of an apple and name its parts.