• Ms. Danielle Hulme

ECC Weekly News - 9/25/2020

Early Learners

This week the Early Learners talked about our families. They used their family pictures you provided as a guide while drawing their family portrait.

We made a web after asking the children what they liked to do with their families, we practiced counting as we graphed how many people in our families, we created a beautiful family "quilt" by decorating a square for their family picture.

Pre School 1

Preschool 1 kiddos were very busy this week inside and outside of school!! We are learning about the letter C this week, talking about families and soaking up the beautiful fall weather. The children made little baby Chickies, drew pictures of our families and even fit in a fall scavenger hunt. Everyone has been practicing spelling and writing their names using our dry erase name tags, and they are so proud of themselves after! It’s so exciting seeing their progress already!

Pre School 2

Wow, this was another great week in preschool two! This week we started unit one of the Lynch program: family. We talked about our own families and then drew pictures of them. We read Peter’s Chair which talks about new siblings. 

We learned about different shapes and made collages out of them. The letter/number of the week is C and 2. We did "The Wonderful Chick" craft which helped the preschoolers practice their fine motor hand/eye coordination.  The weather was perfect on Tuesday for the first day of Autumn! Our class went on a scavenger hunt. It was a fun experience and we found many autumn items on our list. Wonderful job preschool two!

Pre School 3

To go along with our Fall theme, the preschoolers were able to explore the inside of an apple. The hands on experience taught the children about the different parts of an apple, including; the skin, flesh, core, seeds, stem and leaf. After their exploration, the preschoolers made apple prints and were invited to an apple tasting. They agreed that all of the apples were good, but the red apple had the most votes for best tasting. The children also went on a nature scavenger hunt in search of items that represent fall. The children used classification skills to sort their findings then conducted a sink or float experiment to learn about density.

Pre K-1

Pre-K1 had a fun-filled week studying the letter “B.” During center time they painted B’s and turned them into school buses in the Art Center. In the writing center they made “B” books where they had to search for B’s, practice forming them correctly and write words that start with the letter B. They also enjoyed being scientists! They taste-tested three different kinds of apples and voted on their favorite one. Ms. King cut the apples in half and they learned about the different parts of an apple. To end the week they studied fall objects in the science center using magnifying glasses! What a fun week it was!

Pre Kindergarten 2

Happy first week of Fall. To celebrate fall we went on a nature hunt and collected items. After collecting the items we talk about them and read about how leaves change colors. The class also used the nature items they collected to work on patterns. They all did a great job I even had to make the patterns more challenging for them.

We also worked on our letter recognition and building words while writing in our September journal.

Pre- Kindergarten 3

The Pre-K 3 class had another awesome week! They have all been working hard on their writing skills and I’ve already seen tremendous progress! Together they made a list of 32 words beginning with the letter B (our letter of the week) and are still coming up with more every day. They all enjoyed the science experiment that we did to determine how many dinosaurs it would take to sink our toy boat. They did a great job with their estimations and to my surprise they were very close! They also had a blast playing a memory game where they had to recall which items were removed from a set, and the paper airplane contest they had with the Pre-K 2 class.